The Climbing Frame Factory

The Climbing Frame Factory

The Climbing Frame Factory

Quality & Guarantee

What sort of guarantee does Wickey offer on climbing frames?

On each Wickey climbing frame we give a 10 years’ guarantee. (See following warranty).

What quality are the Wickey climbing frames?

Every Wickey climbing frame has been developed with the focus on safety, durability, stability, environment and of course fun.
Stability - Nearly all main connections of the Wickey climbing frames are pre-drilled and are connected with 10mm wood screws and covered with special plastic covers.
Safety - Each Wickey climbing frame is certified with CE EN 71-1.
Guarantee - 10 years guarantee on every Wickey climbing frame.(See following warranty).
Environment - Wickey climbing frames are produced with sustainable timber according to PEFC 04-21-02001-4-100000001. This means that for environments sake,for every felled tree a new tree is planted.
Durable - Each Wickey climbing frame is made of impregnated pine wood.
Fun - Wickey climbing frames are delivered including accessories : with swing seat, slide, ship’s wheel, rope ladder, periscope or other accessories. The place under the climbing tower can be used to create a sandbox.
Easy installation - Unlike most DIY kits each Wickey climbing tower is pre sawed. Nearly all 10mm main connections of the climbing tower are pre-drilled. A cordless drill and a wrench are usually sufficient to build the climbing frame.

Wickey Statement of Guarantee

The guarantor, Wickey GmbH & Co. KG (hereafter: WICKEY) guarantees all wooden components in items purchased from them for a period of 10 years, within the limits of the specified delivery and despatch areas. This guarantee covers the obligations of WICKEY where wooden components of the purchased item suffer from rot due to weather conditions that occur within the guarantee period, after the transfer of risk to the buyer. The guarantee will not apply if the customer or a third party has caused the fault in the wooden components of the purchase item by incorrectly assembling them, nor if the fault is due to damage to the wooden components resulting from improper use or care by the customer or a third party, vandalism by the customer or a third party, natural characteristics of the wood or storm damage. The term of the guarantee commences on receipt of the goods. This guarantee does not limit the user's legal rights (warranty or cancellation rights). The warranty period begins on receipt of the goods. The statutory rights of the consumer (warranty rights and right of withdrawal) are not restricted by the warranty.

Claims under the guarantee must be notified to the following address:
Wickey GmbH & Co. KG
Franz-Savels-Straße 69
52538 Gangelt / Deutschland

In order to claim under the guarantee, the purchaser should send to WICKEY, by post or e-mail, photographs of the faults in the wooden components of the purchased item along with a copy of the relevant invoice or e-Bay item number, in order to facilitate the validation and handling of the claim by WICKEY. If covered by the guarantee, the faulty wooden components of the purchased item will be replaced and delivered to the customer free of charge.

In cases not covered by warranty rights or by the guarantee, WICKEY reserves the right to recover from the customer the costs of handling the guarantee claim.