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Swing hook Marathon

Integrated high quality bearings
Art.No: 619295

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Product Description


Swing hook Marathon®

Once set in motion, the Marathon® demonstrates all its power: thanks to its integrated high quality bearings, the attached carabiner snap-hooks run as if on rails and allow it to carry on swinging for up to 60 minutes non-stop. Its outstanding roll properties also guarantee smooth movement, so that it swings back and forth almost noiselessly. So for pure relaxation, one brief push on the swing will leave you silently rocking to and fro with no further effort. Parents will love the Marathon® because the children won't be calling out "Muuum, Daaad, give me a push!" every five minutes.

  • Silent and smooth 
  • Bearing technology conforming to ABEC class 7 
  • Excellent roll properties for extra-long swinging movement 
  • Maximum safety thanks to the hinge stopper 
  • Load-bearing capacity: 250kg (in pairs)
  • Easy to fit using a drill template 
  • Maintenance-free 
  • All-purpose - can be used with all swing types, hammocks, rope ladders, gym apparatus, punch bags etc.
  • Required screws not included