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King Kong ship extension

Suitable for sandpit King Kong from 140cm
Art.No: 620770_k

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Product Description


Sand pit Ship Extension King Kong

All hands on deck ... HOIST THE SAIL!! The captain and his crew cast off the ropes .... Give your pirates a day's ration of chocolate, because the journey to the island of Neverland may take a few hours at sea. The great treasure is hidden here, and you can only find it with the treasure map.

This extension module fits all KING KONG models with sides larger than 140cm. Whether square or rectangle, you can design the size of the ship yourself. The bows work best with a King Kong sand pit with sides of 140cm. For all other widths, the bows are smaller than the sand pit sides, resulting in a straight bit at the right and left sides.

  • ATTENTION the sandpit is NOT included
  • Height 30cm (160cm mast)
  • Corner posts 9x9cm
  • Boards 1,8x14cm
  • Mast 4,5x6,8cm
  • Fits King Kong sandpit from 140cm
  • Sail system with 5m cable and turnbuckles
  • Viking or pirate flag 105x96cm (can be selected above)
  • All timbers are pressure impregnated
  • ATTENTION! If you order a cover, one board must be sawed off at the mast

And it includes all of this!

  • Flag System

    Flag System
  • Flag choice

    Flag choice