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Wickey climbing frame

Every child loves to climb and do gymnastics. With the versatile climbing frame accessories and the great gymnastics accessories from Wickey, you can build your own climbing frame and swing or even expand your exciting children's playground. Fun and sports go hand in hand with children and the right outdoor accessories turn your garden into an exciting open-air sports field.

Active children will love setting new climbing records on the climbing frame with the climbing holds and showing off their latest tricks on the climbing frame with slide. At Wickey, there are affordable climbing and gymnastics accessories for every taste. You can expand and change with your child's wishes and abilities. You can build your own DIY climbing frame!

Climbing with fireman's pole, rope ladder and climbing holds

Whether Olympic athlete, brave firefighter or wild Amazonian: there is a little hero inside every child. And heroes have to train to be prepared for all adventures. It’s as simple as that! In the Wickey online shop, you will find colourful kids´ climbing holds, climbing ropes and rope ladders with which your little adventurers can go on up high. Wickey rope ladders are available in different levels of difficulty. The climbing holds are available in different colours and shapes. When the hero has climbed the tower, he sees further challenges on the ground from above: the swing is free again! He can quickly go down the fireman's pole. You can easily attach the different Wickey climbing models onto Wickey climbing frames.

Gymnastics in the garden with gymnastics bars, trapeze bars and gymnastic rings

Everyone can swing! With the cool trapeze swings or wooden gym rings from Wickey, you can turn your swing frame or climbing frame into a real circus ring! The gymnastics bar and the athletic metal gymnastic rings make outdoor gymnastics a whole lot of fun. Your children will love showing you their latest tricks on the trapeze bar or gymnastics bar. Expanding the climbing frame with individual gymnastics equipment, such as a wooden trapeze bar, is really easy. In the Wickey online shop, you will find all the necessary clamps to attach gymnastics rings, gymnastics bars and scramble nets as extensions. Our soft rubber safety mats ensure additional safety for the little athletes.