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Longer delivery times due to Brexit and Covid-19. Find all info here.

Brexit is affecting all of us. It's not just the UK and its residents who are faced with major challenges. Countries and businesses that trade with the UK are also faced with a difficult change that must be negotiated. Because we ship our products from Germany, we as a company, are also about to enter into a transition period, which may result in delivery delays at the start of the coming new year. In order to counteract this effect, we have created a new order option for you: "Order now, delivery in springtime!" In this way, we want to enable a delivery that is as punctual as possible and most importantly, a delivery that can be reliably scheduled.

What are your advantages?

  Pay just 30% of the purchase amount up front
  The remaining balance will only be due a short time prior to delivery in February/March
   No delivery difficulties on account of Brexit
  Secure the last deals of the year
  Punctual and predictable pre-Easter delivery
  No long storage period over winter

And here's how it works:


Place your order

  • - In the checkout, select the "Pre-payment" payment method
  • - Complete the order as usual


Pay the deposit amount

  • - Transfer 30% of the purchase amount immediately after placing your order, and only to the account detailed below
  • - State "Deliver later" as the reason for the payment, along with your order number (e.g. Deliver later - #UK0000571631)
  • - In this case, we request that you ignore the subsequent payment request for the order issued by our payment service provider, Ingenico

Pay the remaining balance

  • - Transfer the outstanding 70% of the purchase amount in calendar week 6 or 7*
  • - Only then your order is going to be delivered punctually before Easter

Payee: Wickey GmbH & Co. KG
IBAN: DE38 3125 1220 1400 0913 91
Bank: KSK Heinsberg
Intended purpose: Deliver later - #UK0000XXXXXX

IMPORTANT: When availing of this promotion, please use only the bank account detailed above. In this case, we request that you ignore the payment request issued by our payment service provider, Ingenico.

*Should you pay the outstanding balance any later, the delivery time may be significantly longer. To ensure that you do not miss the final payment, we will send a payment reminder for any unfulfilled orders in calendar week 6.