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Sandpits for children

A Wickey sandpit is the perfect garden play equipment and provides a great deal of fun for all kids. Choose between sandpits with roof, a sandpit with a playhouse or a simple wooden sandpit. The high-quality wooden sandpits from Wickey can be set up quickly and easily on a sunny afternoon. Put the sand in and the fun begins. Sandcakes, sandcastles, secret tunnels - the sandpit becomes an exciting fantasy workshop and your child is the creator!

Sandpit with cover

See the benefits of our Wickey sandpits with lid. Our wooden sandpits are characterised by their solid quality and robust design. Unlike plastic sandpits, wooden sandpits are long-lasting and weather resistant. If you buy your own sandpit, you will be able to watch your children from the kitchen window as they play and make as many sandcakes as possible. After playing, a sandpit with cover can be easily closed, in the Wickey webshop you can select a sandpit with a cover of your desired size. Thanks to the wide seat edge, both you and your children can comfortably sit in the sandpit on the bench while playing together. Your children’s friends and neighbour's children will love the sandpit as well! Also, your sandpit will combine fantastically with one of our affordable climbing frames. Here the children can climb, slide and swing with friends.

Wooden sandpits

Wickey wooden sandpits are available in different sizes. You can choose the size of the sandpit based on the size of your garden or even on the number of children. It makes sense to choose a larger model for families with several children. Or choose a playhouse with sandpit. Every builder has enough space for their sandcastle! A sandpit with roof protects your little ones in the sunshine and also offers shelter during a rain shower. All Wickey wooden playground equipment makes great do-it-yourself projects. We show you how to build a DIY sandpit!
A sandpit with lid offers a particularly good solution to keep the sand in the sandpit clean. The comfortable benches with backrest are simply folded inwards and turn the sandpit into a box with a hinged lid. Cats, birds and other animals therefore have no opportunity to do their business in the sand and you spare yourself the tedious cleaning. Also, a wooden swing set next to the sandpit will make your garden your children's favourite place to play.

Accessories for the sandpit

Building sandcastles outdoors in the garden is great fun, but playing catch and jumping around are also fun. You will also find sandpit corner protectors in our shop, which mean your children can romp in and around the Wickey sandpit safely and without getting hurt. The green plastic corner caps fit snuggly on all the corners and are conveniently available in a set of four from Wickey. To protect your kids' sandbox from roots and worms in the sand, you can also order weed control fabric. The weed control fabric is available in various sizes.
Our suggestion: we have great swing and slide sets in our product range for even more enjoyment when playing outside. You can design your own unique swing with these amazing swing seats from Wickey.