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Tyre swing

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Do you already own a swing frame, a double swing or even a climbing frame with swing? Then all you need for exciting fun in the garden is the right swing seat. A Wickey rubber tyre swing offers children a variety of play activities. At Wickey you can easily expand and combine all outdoor play equipment with our swing accessories. You create your own adventure playground. If your little monkeys like to swing, a tyre swing for children is just the right garden play equipment! The small pilots can cling to the swing of tires with legs and arms, swing back and forth sitting or simply slip through the tire. On some rubber tyre swings the knights and princesses can even stand up or swing up into the air together.

Horizontal tyre swing and vertical tyre swing

The classic variants of the rubber swings are the horizontal and vertical tyre swings. In the vertical version, the tyre can be attached to the swing frame with one or two ropes. The rope is centrally attached to the vertical tyre swing so that the pilot can fly in all directions. The swing with two ropes gives all children enough stability. The horizontal tyre swing is also available in two different models from Wickey. You can choose between the children's swing with two ropes attached to four points on the tyre. On this rubber swing there is room for two little heroes who are seated opposite each other. Or you can buy the tyre swing with climbing rope and an aluminium platform, which is perfect for curious firefighters. Thanks to the robust climbing rope, the tyre is always securely fastened and the little rescuers feel as if they are climbing a gigantic rotating ladder. Looking for something completely new? Then discover the unique rubber-tyre horse swing! The rocking horse is an absolute must for all animal lovers!

Swing tyre

All Wickey tyre swings are made of used tyres with a diameter of 56 cm. This type of playground equipment production is resource-conserving and sustainable. The resilient rubber material is extremely weather-resistant and withstands all weather conditions. The strong ropes made of Polyhemp with a diameter of 12 mm and the polypropylene rope connections provide the necessary stability. In our online shop you can also order the rope set for tyre swings separately. The rings and hooks made of galvanised steel ensure perfect fastening. This is how we at Wickey guarantee high quality at a reasonable price for all our playground equipment.

Fun for the littlest ones

Wickey also offers suitable swing seats for our little adventurers. With the baby swing seats for children under 3 years, even the youngest can swing safely and gently into the air. Furthermore, playhouses are ideal for your little ones. Here they can let their imagination run wild and enjoy the fresh air outside in the garden. A combination of climbing frame and nest swing is a perfect solution for older children. If you are looking for other wooden garden play equipment, check out FATMOOSE!