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Wickey Prime NeverLand Gold Edition without Turbo Slide

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Adventure playground with fantastic wobbly bridge

  • Dimensions: L695 x W701 cm
  • Platform height: 210 cm


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Treehouse Wickey Neverland Gold Edition

Product Details

Treehouse Wickey Neverland Gold Edition

The little ones can live their dreams on the NEVERLAND Gold sailing ship. The NEVERLAND Gold Edition is an expansion of the Wickey NEVERLAND treehouse and offers even more and varied playtime fun. So hoist the two giant sails and explore unchartered waters with this gigantic adventure ship! Children master wind and rain with this ship and sail over the waves as if they were flying. Kids can swing up high to observe sharks and other sea creatures. When the sea gets stormy, they can hide away with their friends in the treehouse – the NEVERLAND Gold has enough space for everyone. They'll also be safe here from pirates and buccaneers. Children can let their imaginations run wild and create a deserted island, a treehouse in a fairy tale forest, or a jungle with a rickety rope bridge out of the ship. 
Wickey – Create your own adventure!

This climbing frame is part of our exclusive Prime collection. What makes it so special? In addition to a wide range of accessories, an above-average number of handles or durable screw caps, our designers have focused on exceptionally strong wooden elements during development. This makes climbing frames of the Prime series even more solid and safe.
Prime - adventure made perfect.

Product details

  • Wickey Prime Series
  • Pressure-treated solid wood
  • Quality and safety tested
  • Multiple configurations possible
  • 10 year guarantee on all wooden components
  • Platform height 150 cm, 170 cm and 210 cm
  • Post thickness 9x9 cm
  • Swing beam 9x9 cm

And it includes all of this

  • Slide with water connection 300 cm
  • Fireman´s pole
  • 2 Swing seats including adjustable ropes*
  • Rope ladder with wooden rungs
  • 4 Swing hooks with plastic bearings
  • Wooden swing connector
  • Climbing frame attachment with platform
  • Play house
  • 3 Picnic tables
  • 5 Climbing rocks*
  • 8 Plastic handles*
  • Large ship´s wheel
  • Telescope
  • 2 Telephones
  • Periscope
  • Door bell
  • Xtra-Lift
  • Mailbox
  • 3 Wickey flags
  • Stairs
  • Wooden roof
  • Ship front
  • Wobbly bridge
  • Sign
  • Door
  • Flag system
  • Scramble net
  • Tree bark
  • All required anchors
  • All required screws
  • 2-piece safety caps to cover screws
  • Comprehensive assembly instructions for easy construction

Learn here, what makes Wickey so special.

Kids will keep discovering new secrets on the NEVERLAND Gold Edition. When they ring the door bell, little elves open the door and accompany them through the treehouse to the figurehead on the bow. Adventurers will find a cosy table with two benches in the entrance area. They'll find a secret hideaway on the first floor with the help of a ladder. By climbing another ladder, they'll reach the tower of the treehouse where they'll find a seating area which is ideal for picnics. Their lucky teddy can be brought aboard easily with the help of the Xtra Lift. With a look through the window or by using the telescope of periscope, they can easily spy out dangers and navigate to safety before it's too late. The kids can beam themselves down using the enchanted tunnel slide or the fireman's pole. As an extra feature, they can also make their way from the cabin to the wave slide at the bow over the rickety suspension bridge. Once they've reached the bottom, there's another sitting area where they can make new plans. If further dangers are lurking, they can escape via the climbing wall with colourful climbing stones. Maybe the kids will even find secret messages in the post box. The real tree bark also gives the treehouse the ultimate adventure look.

Decorate the treehouse with a few branches, twigs and leaves – this will guarantee even more fantasy and adventurous flair.
Nothing is usual on this ship... everything is crooked and wonky, as this humongous pirate ship was built by pirates out of trees and branches 450 years ago. A fun canopy is attached above the door with a name plate. You can stick the name of your choice to this using the supplied adventure set. Beneath the tree, there is space for a sand pit (not included) such as the Wickey King Kong sand pit 120x195 cm, which fits perfectly under the front platform. There's also a matching lid for this sand pit, of course.
This is the top model from Wickey. The Wickey NEVERLAND Gold treehouse impresses with its many innovative ideas – such as its great tree bark, the platform height of 210 cm, the lofty Wendy house, the suspension bridge and the two different slides.

Wickey has once again put a great deal of consideration into the safety of the climbing frame, of course. The access ladders and the hatch in the tree can be attached or removed, depending on the ages of the children. The upper platform is divided into two levels. There are no direct exits from the upper level (210 cm); these are only on the lower level (170 cm) to reduce the risk of injury from a fall. Our engineers have developed a special step-ladder for the platform height of 170 cm with a double handrail for safe ascent and descent. The spiral slide is completely enclosed by the tunnel to minimise the risk of falling. The suspension bridge is a safety highlight, thanks to the triple wooden beams on each side. The wave slide leads down to the ground from a platform height of 150 cm. There are also plenty of handholds on the tree for safe play.
All anchors are included with this product.
8 H-anchors 7x7 cm (tree)
2 H-anchors 9x9 cm (platform)
4 H-anchors 9x9 cm (bridge tower)
6 safety anchors (2 for ladder, 4 for swing)

Wood is a natural product that changes its volume through drying or moisture absorption. Wickey wants to make the installation as easy as possible for you. For this reason, it is advisable to drill some of the wooden elements yourself to ensure an accuracy of fit as well as stability.

Not recommended for children under 3 years of age
For domestic use only under direct adult supervision
The indicated measurements and colours may vary slightly

* The accessories are delivered in a variety of colours. You can order the accessories in the colour of your choice.

Recommended (not included)

Safety Tiles: 34 Pieces

Additionally you will need

Safety Tiles:34 Pieces
Note: We offer a 10-year warranty* on our wood if you purchase our anchors at the same time.
Rubber safety tile 50x50x4.5 cm

Rubber safety tile 50x50x4.5 cm

Regular Price: £21.95

Special Price £18.95

Incl. 20% VAT.

Possible extension

Sandpit Flippey 150x165x30 cm

Sandpit Flippey 150x165x30 cm

Regular Price: £219.95

Special Price £139.95

Incl. 20% VAT.
Black board with clock

Black board with clock

Regular Price: £55.95

Special Price £47.95

Incl. 20% VAT.
Rope ladder 3 sides small 5 steps

Rope ladder 3 sides small 5 steps

Regular Price: £45.95

Special Price £38.95

Incl. 20% VAT.
Wickey Xtra-Turn Extension 134 cm incl. 1 post

Wickey Xtra-Turn Extension 134 cm incl. 1 post

Regular Price: £88.95

Special Price £75.95

Incl. 20% VAT.


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Tips & Tricks

Grundanker beschreibung


  • Install the play tower and place it on the designated space. Please keep a safe distance in accordance with the installation instructions.
  • Mark all of the tower posts on the ground and dig frost-proof holes (Ø30 x D70 cm) into the soil.
  • Position the climbing frame and install all the anchors, if possible on the hidden side.
  • Support the anchor with stones or the play equipment with wooden wedges until the frame is level.
  • Pour concrete up to about 10 cm below the surface. When it is dry, the remaining hole can be filled with topsoil.
Ground Anchor

Ground Anchor

  • Simple and fast mounting
  • Attractive design: attaches onto the inside so that the anchors are not visible from the outside
  • Stable: Stabilises the post in all directions
  • Mounting is possible without concrete, but we do recommend using it.
  • Not suitable for the WickeyFlyer series

Safety Ground Anchor

Safety Ground Anchor

  • Simple and fast mounting
  • Attractive design: attaches onto the inside so that the anchors are not visible from the outside
  • Very stable: Stabilises the post in all directions
  • Secure using concrete
  • Suitable for any play frame

Angle/Post Anchor

Angle/Post Anchor

  • Simple and fast mounting
  • Attractive design: attaches onto the inside so that the anchors are not visible from the outside
  • Very stable: Stabilises the post in all directions
  • Secure using concrete
  • Suitable for any play frame



  • Complex assembly: Planks from the sandpit should be sanded
  • Most stable solution: Stabilises the post in all directions
  • Secure using concrete
  • Not suitable for inclined ladders, stairs and WickeyFlyer series


Get the best tips on our wooden products here

Like every natural product, wood also has individual characteristics. Here you can find out more about the typical wood characteristics of our products.

Salt efflorescence

Salt efflorescence

  • Superficial white to greenish spots
  • Mixture of exiting resin and ingredients of pressure impregnation
  • Fades over time due to the weather

Tip: Strongly affected areas can be easily sanded!

Cracks and branches

Cracks and branches

  • Branches, grains and pith are part of the characteristics of the wood
  • Dry cracking is permitted according to DIN 4074

Tip: Cracks with ¼ of the length and ¼ of the width are statistically harmless!

Swelling and shrinking

Swelling and shrinking

  • Volume change due to moisture absorption/drying is typical of wood
  • To ensure accurate assembly, not all wooden parts are pre-drilled due to possible wood warping

Tip: Unpack your wood immediately and let it dry for at least 2 days before assembly!